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In conjunction with the redevelopment of Treasure Island, a new Wastewater Treatment plant was commissioned by SFPUC to meet the needs of the current and future island development.
The location of the new plant is adjacent to the current plant on the island and in preparation for the new construction AMPCO North were tasked with the site demo and clearing. Part of their contract involved the redirection of the storm water systems on the surrounding streets and the addition of fire hydrant in the vicinity. Cut and capping of existing water and storms lines was also required.
Due to our familiarity with SFPUC water systems and construction requirements Ronan Construction were contracted by AMPCO to handle the offsite portion of work. On a tight schedule our crews liaised with SFWD/SFPUC and worked around the clock with the project team to keep the site demo project on schedule.

Treasure Island Wastewater Treatment Plant: Services
Treasure Island Wastewater Treatment Plant: Pro Gallery
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